Bookmarking What I Read, via Inbound’s blog

Ahead of my talk at Inbound 2016 this November in Boston, I participated in Inbound’s series where they ask their speakers what they read and how they consume media. I did this in 2014 as well. Back in 2014, I was a little more philosophical, recommending both the Bible and Baruch Spinoza. I was more prosaic this year, though in both cases, I recommended Dave Trott.

Here’s a brief excerpt from this year’s series:


In the morning, I will often scan The New York Times headlines. Via email, I’ll peruse the list of LinkedIn contacts mentioned in the news. I’ll then check to see posts bubbling to the top on Facebook, and often check their trending topics during the day. At some point during the day, I’ll scan Twitter – not my main feed, but my private list of favorites that is curated and limited to about 250 people (not all of whom are active). I’ll check Feedly during the day or late at night, scanning various blogs and news sources such as VentureBeat, Digiday, Dave Trott, and the BPS Research Digest. Also, some great stories tend to come in during the day via a few private discussion groups and Facebook groups. I also really like the news roundup. During commutes, I like listening to Audible, but usually for personal interest. I’m currently listening to Maggie Gyllenhaal narrate Anna Karenina.

What’s also fun: seeing the list of my most and least vital platforms. The first four are surprisingly the same, numbers five and six change places, and the bottom five have some changes with what’s included.

inboudn-2014-reading inbound-2016-reading

Read more at Inbound’s blog, and let me know if you’ll be at this year’s conference.