It’s Christmas in September with Serially Sporadic’s First Edition

Twelve years after leaving eMarketer where I was one of a crack team producing their barrage of daily and weekly newsletters (back when they had such a barrage), I finally produced one of my own.

You can read the first edition of the newsletter in your browser, or of course you can subscribe yourself. It’s a 100% opt-in list, so no random business contacts or relatives are added to it just because I knew them from somewhere.

I’m trying a few approaches with this:

  • Text-only, as a break from tons of video and GIFs
  • Pro bono ads — a way to feature some people, places, and things that I love, but I won’t take any money for them
  • A few Easter eggs — okay, too many Christian holiday references, but there is a reference to Christmas ornaments in the newsletter

I’d love your feedback and will probably send out the next edition later in October. Thanks for your readership.