99 Other People to Watch in the Chatbot Space

It’s fun to be recognized as one of 100 People to Watch in the Chatbot Space, thanks to my work on the Best Branded Bots compilation, as per a list in VentureBeat.

The list is impressive, but like any such list, it’s incomplete. Some others I’d include are:

  • Erez Baum, Eyal Pfeifel, and Seth Greenfield at Imperson
  • Vivian Rosenthal and Christian Brucculeri at Snaps
  • Eytal Oren at Block Party
  • The team at Volley, which created the Streak Trivia bot (my favorite bot out there right now)

Have fun checking out the 99 others mentioned in the list. To Peter Buchroithner at Swell, great going pulling this together.