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Meet the 2nd Edition of Serially Sporadic: VR, Jobs, Events & More

The Serially Sporadic newsletter now feels a little less sporadic and a little more real, as the second edition is out, just about a month after the first edition debuted. The first one was definitely the hardest due to all the decisions involved: the content to include, the email provider to use, how to design it (or not design it, given the minimalism), who to tell about it, and every other little step along the way.

The second edition, which does live online (but looks so much nicer in your inbox), brings a few new and notable updates:

  • The biggest change is there’s a start of a job board. I could just call it a job board, but instead, I had a little fun with it and named it the Wizard of Uz. The newsletter explains why.
  • There are a lot of events coming up, as I just mentioned on the blog.
  • You’ll find a couple presentation updates, and even a site launch. More to come there, but newsletter readers get to find out about all this first.

Two requests:

  1. If you haven’t already and you like what’s in the newsletter, please subscribe to it.
  2. Read through it and send me any feedback, or events to include, or jobs. Whether or not it fits the monthly cadence, perhaps it’ll be good fodder for the blog as I do more with this as a content hub.

Thanks so much as always for your time and readership.