Look Behind the Curtain: Why I Joined Oz Content’s Board

In some news I’ve been eager to share for a bit and finally can publicly, I am now officially a board member of Oz Content. I had met the founder, Matt Lovett, in early 2014, and we reconnected this March at a friend’s breakfast discussion, leading to this new collaboration. He also introduced me to the best coffee shops in Manhattan’s Koreatown, which may be tangential but didn’t hurt winning me over.

There are two main reasons I’m excited about and fascinated by what Oz is doing.

First, a lot of companies are in the creation and distribution space. If you want someone else to create content for you, or if you’ve created content that you want distributed, there are a lot of options out there. Oz, however, focuses on content ideation. What should you write about in the first place?

Second, the ideas that Oz delivers are all about generating results. The best way its customers evaluate the effectiveness of Oz is how well such content lowers the cost per lead, and its best customers slash that cost per lead to a small fraction of what they were paying before. Lower costs can lead to higher margins, and for most businesses that even know what their cost per lead is, Oz tends to prove its value quickly.

If you ever want to hear more about my admittedly biased take, or you want an introduction to them, let me know.