How to Break Free from the 10 Plagues of Marketing

Months after initially delivering a version of this as a talk to an Israeli VC firm, I finally published this story in VentureBeat called The 10 Plagues of Marketing (and How to Cure Them).

As the article notes:

There’s a war raging in the marketing and advertising field. It’s a clash of ideologies. There are those practicing deceit, knowingly and unknowingly. Others are just so focused on short-term self-interest that they forgo any chance of mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

These are the 10 plagues afflicting marketing today. Each is paired with a “commandment” that agencies, brands, publishers, and technology vendors can follow to reverse the course of the epidemic.

What the article doesn’t mention is that I adapted the presentation from the Viola Group / Carmel Ventures event and published it on SlideShare. If you’re interested in the topic, I’d recommend reading one or the other; they both convey largely the same text, but the presentation is enriched by the artwork of Nina Paley, who confirmed I was free to use it liberally here.