Storm troopers at South by Southwest

See you at Marketing Week Live or SXSW?

Today, I’m off to London for Marketing Week Live, one of the most important marketing conferences in Europe, and then, after swapping out my clothes in New York Thursday night, I’m heading to Austin for my ninth straight South by Southwest (SXSW).

Will you be at either event? Drop me a line at david (at) serialmarketer (dot) net. Here are a few specifics on what I’ll be doing at each event:

Marketing Week Live (MWL2017)

On March 9 (or as they say in the UK, 9 March) at 3pm (or as they say, 15:00), I’ll be giving a talk called, “A picture’s worth a thousand hashtags: How image recognition will power the future of analytics.” This is one I’ve been preparing for a while, as visual search and image recognition are critical areas that impact competitive intelligence, customer relationship management, creative development, risk management, and other fields. This talk explains the how, why, and what.

South by Southwest (SXSW)

I’ll be spending a lot of time with W2O Group, giving two talks.

The first is a shorter version of my MWL talk, which I’ll share as a keynote at W2O’s Pre-Commerce Summit on Friday at 2:20pm (14:20 – oh wait, not necessary now). I gave it a better title – “Hashtagging the Mona Lisa” – and some may appreciate a 20-minute version instead of a 40-minute version. I will also make the slides available for download. I did at least go through the trouble of swapping out the dozens of British references for Texas references, and it will be sure to offend the sensibilities of both communities. I’m also eager to hear more from Pre-Commerce speakers such as Rohit Bhargava, Matt Dickman, Lorie Fiber, Jeremiah Owyang, Melinda Richter, and Amy Lamparske. It’s a really well-assembled agenda.

Then I will be back on Saturday, March 11 with W2O, joining their Movers and Shapers event, giving a talk on image recognition. Just kidding. I’ll be doing a fireside chat, led by W2O’s Aaron Strout – the man who literally gave me the name for this blog. He’ll run a fireside chat dubbed, “Measure Once, Cut It Out Twice: Why Your Current Approach to Analytics Will Get You Fired” where I will rant about bad metrics with the even more rantable Mark Stouse of Proof Analytics. Meanwhile, at that event, you’ll get to see talks by Jory Des Jardins (who’s a host of the Virago meetup that Sunday celebrating “women of excellence” [and the subpar men who admire them]), Amelia Cosgrove, Brian Solis, and many others. You will also get to hear from W2O’s Bob Pearson, who just spoke at the Sysomos Summit last week, and his was one of the more mind-blowing presentations I’ve seen. Really, I’ll be re-reading his deck on the flights, and it might take a few more flights than all of these to let it all sink in, so you don’t want to miss him. He’s also much taller than he looks in his Twitter profile pic, for what it’s worth.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day Saturday, I will join Jackie Cuyvers at her Social Listening Meetup, where she will host a roundtable that includes featured guests such as Rick Evans from Ogilvy Common Health Worldwide and Steve Reeves from DRG. Read more in Jackie’s preview, and bookmark the session details at It’s Saturday at 11am in JW Marriott Room 207.

As for other highlights of SXSW, here are a few I can share:

There’s a lot of other stuff I plan on attending that I don’t have public invites for, including events with WPP, Muckrack, Founderscard, and the IAB, and one hosted at the Governor’s Mansion.

If you are in London or Austin, drop me a line, and we’ll see if we can meet up somewhere along the way.