The 5th Edition of the Serially Sporadic is Here!

More content! More product recommendations! More text-only newsletter goodness!

Yes, it’s that time again where you can read a newsletter, and find it excerpted on this blog.

The web version is online, you can sign up at, and I’ve pasted the upcoming events below in case you’re in the same city.

One addition: I will be in San Francisco April 5-6 and am bringing some people together the evening of April 5. Let me know if you want an invite.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, and yes, the stock art here is intentionally ridiculous.


Upcoming events.

April 2-5, Los Angeles, CA
The annual conference by the American Association of Advertising Agencies is back to tackle heavy hitting issues around transparency, hiring, AI, and more. I’ll be speaking Sunday afternoon and will be around for the rest.

May 3-4, Las Vegas, NV
I’m moderating a session here on the opportunity with chatbots, joining an esteemed attendee list of 1,000+ leaders from top mobile brands. Also, check out’s weekly newsletter for good info about customer acquisition and retention.
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May 9-11
I’ll be in Atlanta and may be hosting a private gathering May 9; if you will be there then, please let me know so I can get you an invite. I am still finalizing plans, so more details will come soon.

May 18, Hoboken, NJ
I’m attending this one, after a good experience there last year at the Hoboken Waterfront. It’s a nominal cost and gets a good crowd attending. If you purchase right away, you can even get tickets for $7 via this link.

June 12-14
I have a fun excuse to get back to London that week, and I may have event details to share too, so let me know if you’re around then.