Serially Sporadic Issue 6: A New Kind of Newsletter

The Serially Sporadic newsletter is back, and I’m trying to change things with the approach. I did away with the table of contents, the pro bono ads (which was a fun idea, but couldn’t last indefinitely), and other things that distracted from the main purpose of informing and inspiring.

Below is the opening letter, and you can read the full newsletter. Stay tuned for what’s ahead.

Welcome to the sixth and most sporadic edition yet of the Serially Sporadic. I’m streamlining the format, and toying with ideas to give it more of a theme, all of which revolve around a presentation on The Rebirth of Advertising that’s featured below. That, in a way, is a sequel to my talk from late last year on The Ten Plagues of Marketing.

There’s a lot that’s wrong with the ad industry, and yet there are so many people working on making things right. As the Rebirth talk describes, we’re in a Post-Trust Era, and it’s easy to be demoralized. The ad industry suffers from some of the same challenges prominent in the US right now, as people don’t trust once-vaunted institutions like the government or media. In turn, people are less willing to trust each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt. In the ad industry, people are wary that anyone they’re transacting with has their best interests in mind.

What is clear after the Cannes Lions is that there’s a disconnect between the ads that win awards and what most consumers value. When one ad is described as the most intrusive ad the judges have ever seen and it wins a Grand Prix, it’s no wonder that the ad industry is one of the more reviled out there. It’s like if a chef comes out of the kitchen and spits in everyone’s food, and he wins three Michelin stars for being so innovative. Sure, you can be innovative, but if you disrespect your customers in the process, they’re not going to love you for it.

If you’re putting values such as respect and trust at the center of what you do and have a way to show it, let me know. Those are the kinds of stories I want to share here. That’s what I want to spend more time focused on.