A Total Eclipse of the Ad Industry

I posted a tweetstorm this week, given that I can’t resist beating a dead metaphor. For those who prefer something more linear and less real-time, here it is:

A total eclipse of the ad industry: the ad industry is undergoing its own , but no one wants to watch it.

We’ve longsince been eclipsed as an industry where most creative, entrepreneurial people want to work.

We’ve been eclipsed as a field known for entrepreneurialism, even if some of the most entrepreneurial people I’ve met work on Mad Ave.

covers this all too well in his book – “Advertising was THE place to be for would-be entrepreneurs”.

Procurement and profitability have eclipsed customer relationships and quality of the work.

Some agencies have had a hand in their own eclipses, hiding kickbacks instead of offering transparency to clients.

Not that tech has helped. Google, FB gladly bite every hand that feeds them, even if most buyers & consumer shrug it off.

How many times has FB issued a ‘correction’ of its analytics? Doesn’t hurt their revenues when they’re 1 of 2 games in town

As for tech, we have to brace ourselves for AI being able to eclipse so much of what we do – and not just buying media.

AI has proven remarkably adept at creative pursuits. And all it has to do is become ‘good enough’

When you have some creative prowess coupled with cost efficiencies, CMOs and holding company CEOs salivate. It’s coming.

All the while, there’s been so much ad industry bed-shitting going on from the consumer’s POV. It’s no wonder we’re reviled

Ads slowing down sites, popping up, blasting unwanted sound, baiting & switching, following people endlessly. Who wants that?

And TV isn’t immune. TV ad experience is better than digital (at least more manageable) but ads disappear on Netflix, Amazon.

Combined, Netflix + Amazon Prime offer no ads, massive content libraries for <$20/month (Prime=virtually free). Good deal for most.

And damn Millennials might not even keep cable to watch football anymore. Kids today, ruining America per usual

This is nothing like  though Рthis is . No one wants glasses for this show.

So what do we do? Pack it in? Hand over the keys of Mad Ave to Silicon Valley + Alley + Prairie + etc?

Or actually focus on rebuilding relationships and trust among each other and the people we’re trying to reach?

Sacrificing short-term gains for long-term success is not our strong suit here, especially in the US

Heck, the Founding Fathers gave us great institutions, but a ticking time bomb in the Constitution that led to Civil War. Whoops

Not much of a choice left here. As Billy Joel said, “Out of the darkness, into the light, leaving the scene of the crime.

Seems like we need to go to extremes here – we’ve gone too low, now it’s time for too high (“there ain’t no in-betweens”)

Happy ¬†everybody. Let’s try not to burn everyone and everything in sight.