Join My Upcoming Webinar: Trends to Look for in 2018

I have a fun webinar coming up with Victoria Feder of the Online Marketing Institute in conjunction with the launch of a course I developed with them. Here’s a taste of what we’ll cover on October 18:

We’ll discuss which emerging trends will have the biggest impact for marketers in 2018. Will augmented reality catch on faster than virtual reality? Will live video overtake pre-recorded video? Will consumers choose to chat with bots instead of people? Will marketers get to search images and videos just as easily as they search text? Will Apple’s HomePod rival the Amazon Echo and Google Home? What else can we expect in the year ahead, and what developments from 2017 should feel passe come next year? Find out in this fast-paced conversation, and come with questions of your own.

Register now, and please let me know what kinds of topics and questions you’d love to cover there. If you’ve written anything good that I should reference there, I’d love to check it out beforehand.