Proud to be a Storyhunter

I shared this over at Facebook and LinkedIn but wanted to spread the good news for my friends here too:

Today, I’m excited (and humbled) to share that I am joining Storyhunter as their first-ever head of marketing.

TL;DR: Thanks Storyhunter crew, check out our site, and let’s catch up if you find it relevant.

Long version:

Storyhunter has amassed a network of tens of thousands of vetted video producers all around the world. Brands, agencies, and publishers access their marketplace to find freelancers and crews in a matter of minutes. Customers include AirBNB, AJ+, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and too many others to name.

Additionally, Storyhunter also offers a management platform for businesses to manage their teams of freelancers and streamline workflows.

As for immediate action items, I’ll share a few things (and I’m just getting started):

If you’re working with or looking to work with video freelancers, let me know. I’d love to understand your own processes – what works and doesn’t for you. I’d love as much information as I can.

If you’re a videographer – whether shooting, editing, producing, or doing something like gaffing – and have used Storyhunter, considered Storyhunter, have never heard of it but find it interesting, or just like free coffee, let me know, as I will be ramping up my knowledge of that side of the business.

I’ll be responsible for everything from brand marketing (brand strategy, PR, content, events, etc) to direct marketing (getting qualified leads in and measuring the heck out of everything). If you have advice, relevant offerings, relevant experience, or any other input, I am all ears.

I think my team still needs a paid intern, based in our DUMBO, Brooklyn office for a few months (it could be temp-to-perm). Inquire within.

We have these fun events called Screen-Ups where we bring together videographers and the companies that produced videos through Storyhunter to share some clips and get everyone shmoozing. I’ve been to one so far and love the creative energy. We’ll have some regularly in NY and lots more planned nationally and even globally. If you want to know when they’re coming, I’ll get you on the list.

If you’ll be at CES and want to discuss anything above, let me know. I’m there later Mon 1/8 until early Fri 1/12.

Finally, a few notes of thanks:

First, this whole turn of events became possible thanks to Jody Girgenti, who served as MRY’s head of production while I was there. She introduced me to Storyhunter as we both moved on last spring, making the intro on my very first workday as an MRY alum. In a way, this was a 21-month job interview (and you thought getting into Google was tough). Jody in turn has gone on to produce the critically acclaimed film My Friend Dahmer, which you should watch. And yes, a movie about a young Jeffrey Dahmer does now have David Berkowitz’s seal of approval.

I also need to thank Storyhunter’s CEO, Jaron Gilinsky, who I first met via Jody’s fateful email thread. I don’t expect him to use war metaphors lightly in business, as has covered his share of literal war zones, revolutions, and hostile hotbeds (he’s the first independent American journalist to report from North Korea). Beyond learning from his leadership, I’m eager to learn more of the real ins and outs of his own story, and get that story out there more, as he is one of the more fascinating founders I’ve met.

Finally, while I will be leaving too many people off the initial shortlist, I have to thank Anne Hrubala. I worked with her in 2005 at Viewpoint, when we were pushing the rich media ad solution Unicast (remember the Superstitital?). We had only nominally kept in touch, but after we reconnected early last year, I referred her to Storyhunter, and she wound up joining as their head of sales. She, in turn, helped rope me in there. As a marketer, one of the biggest determinants of success is how well you work with the sales team, and Anne is a major reason why I’m so honored to join their ranks.

On that note, it’s time to get to work. Thanks to way too many others for your support; I have a lot of individual notes of thanks to send today as well.

If there are ways we can work with each other or learn from each other in my new capacity, please be sure to reach out. I look forward to collaborating.