Serially Sporadic #15: Less Sporadic, More Jobs and Links

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Issue No. 15: Less Sporadic, More Jobs and Links

In the last edition, I announced the launch of the Serial Marketers community on Slack. We now have 250+ people who created accounts, with some regulars and semi-regulars starting to contribute great content.

This is inspiring me to produce this newsletter more often, and tie it in more closely with the community. That means the newsletter can deliver some of the highlights from posts shared there (especially links to great articles, jobs, and events like you normally find in this newsletter). Not everything from Slack will go here, and the value of Slack will really be the interaction with everyone else.

With the regularity, I also will introduce our first newsletter sponsor – 4C Insights. I’ve known the team there for years and am so impressed with the thought leadership they release to educate others. They’re class acts. This is my first time accepting any sponsorship here, and they strive to make sure it’s respectful for this audience. Please let me know any feedback you have about such ads.

Another addition to the newsletter is the “Wanted” section. These are all requests that have popped up in the Slack group. You can find them there in the new #wanted channel and scattered elsewhere, or just write me with any recommendations, and I will get them to the right person.

Meanwhile, if you have any tips on the best tools for producing newsletters, I’m all ears. I like Mailchimp overall but wish it had a desktop app. That would streamline the process considerably.

Also, any naming ideas are welcome. This won’t exactly be the Serially Sporadic anymore if I can get it to a weekly cadence. A lot of people do Sunday newsletters these days, but I will probably pick a different one unless everyone really loves getting more email on Sunday.

Finally, I noted in the last edition that I was shifting to consutling with my previous company, and that project has run its course as they venture into their next phase. I’m exploring some interesting FT roles (I prefer to be in-house somewhere) but am working with a few other interesting companies in areas like voice apps and blockchain ad-tech, and I welcome discussing any other ways to collaborate.

That’s it for me this week. What are you making of yourself?



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I penned this piece in Adweek about what it’s like being a marketer for tech companies and agencies. Clearly, I’m shaped by the experiences related to the specific companies I’ve worked for but tried to focus on what applies more broadly. I’d love your feedback based on what you’ve encountered. (original article) (in case you don’t want to register with Adweek)

As I started consulting again, I reactivated my Calendly account, and I love it. You set the parameters for when you want to allow others to schedule meetings (eg, weekdays 9-5), select what kinds of meetings you want to offer (15-minute, 60-minute, etc), and note any special requests (provide a phone number, meet at this location). It minimizes so much back and forth. Sometimes, I don’t give it out when I want to schedule around someone else’s calendar (for a great job interview, for instance, I will make myself available), but most of the time, the recipient appreciates streamlining this as much as you do. The paid version is $10 a month, and for me at least, it’s well worth it. (main link) (to see how mine works)

Thanks to Jeannette and Randall in Serial Marketers for recommending this desktop app to manage a range of communication channels, including Slack, Gmail/G Calendar, LinkedIn, Skype, and more. I’ve been migrating most of these to there, and it’s impressive. I’m using it constantly now.

Devotees of Think with Google and the A-Z gamut of tools from Alphabet may have these all bookmarked, but Google reorganized its tool suite ranging from cultural trends to site optimization.

This comes from my friend Steven Cook, a veteran CMO who would appreciate 5 minutes from anyone here: I’m seeking your expert input for a new book I’m writing – ‘Insights on Impact Innovators’. It will capture, curate and scale a broad range of time-tested collective wisdom across the startup and corporate innovation ecosystems to identify the essential attitudes, capabilities, traits, and values of Impact Innovators. If you complete the survey, you’ll have an opt-in opportunity to receive attribution in ‘Insights on Impact Innovators.’


With some upcoming events, you’ll find exclusive codes below. I don’t require this for posting events here, let alone in the Slack group, but if you have a relevant event and want to extend an offer to the community, please reach out. I always love providing added value for the readers.

September 20
New York, NY
A friend recently connected me with the folks at Jetson who are running this conference on the latest applications of artificial intelligence. I’m working on a session on how it’s used in marketing (a topic I spoke a lot about last year while at Sysomos, and I was involved with a great research project about it). If you’re doing something I should know about in the space, please reach out. Want to attend? Use the code “jetson2018” to save 25%.

October 4-5
New York, NY
This event is really several in one, covering music, games, TV & video, and rights tech. I’ll be moderating a panel on voice-activated AI for media and entertainment. 

October 10
New York, NY
I will go to pretty much anything Scott Galloway keynotes, and then bring a lighter to wave in the air during the ‘fifth horseman’ part of his speech. They have a fantastic lineup, and exclusively for you, if you use the code SerialMarketers2018 and register before the end of August, you get 50% off.