Here’s a quick update from some companies that I’m advising or collaborating with in some way. Contact me if I can make an introduction or give you more color on any of them.

Are you a product manufacturer that drives most of your sales through other retailers? Check out ChannelSight. This upgrade of the “Buy Now” button has delivered average basket size increases of 30%, average conversion rates of 10-20%, up to a 20x boost in repeat sales, and year 1 direct ROI of at least 9:1. Learn why Philips, Bacardi, Mondelez, and others are already on board.

I’m obsessed with chatbots, as they’re the next evolution of media – as big a change as search, social, and apps. Imperson has been creating immersive, story-driven experiences. Building on their initial work with entertainment brands like Disney and Universal, their tech works well for marketers using stories to personalize marketing through messaging, while capturing valuable data.

I’ve seen a lot in the content distribution space and some in analytics, but nothing like this in terms of content ideation – especially in a way that is all about driving leads. It’s ideal for B2B brands. A new version just went live, so talk to them about content marketing ROI.

ReplyAll turns conversations into content. Top publishers like TechCrunch and Sports Illustrated are hosting instantly updated interviews and other engaging stories, and brands are getting in the act too. Find out how ReplyAll can scale your creative ideas and attract people deeper into your site.

Interested in VR and AR? The Visory has been rounding up top creative, strategy, and production resources from around the world to deliver everything from ideation to execution. They rigorously vet every partner to only bring brands and agencies the best options.