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Have Search, Will Tweet: Twitter Gets a Facelift – new post in Ad Age

Today in Ad Age, I talk about the new Twitter changes. A couple highlights:

  • A search box: Yes, you can search for anything — not just people. What took Twitter YEARS to do this? Heaven knows (or, Biz knows).
    But the days of opening up separate browser tabs for Twitter and
    Twitter Search may be coming to an end (and yes, it&;s very uncool to
    use a browser to tweet rather than TweetDeck or the iPhone — sorry).
  • Trends: View the top trends, hashtags or no
    hashtags, from the top navigation bar. You probably know what
    refers to, but you can now easily dig deeper to find out why the heck
    people are talking about Toronto (reason: it&39;s 175 years old; in other
    words, it&39;s been waiting 75 freaking years for a shout-out from Willard
    Scott. Come on, Willard, show him some Smuckers love!)

I also discuss Featured Users, Nifty Queries, and what was bumped from the nav bar. A screenshot&39;s below.New twitter layout mar 09 twinkies

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Comments to: Have Search, Will Tweet: Twitter Gets a Facelift – new post in Ad Age
  • March 6, 2009

    I don’t know how uncool it is to use the web vs. Tweetdeck — the site actually serves a pretty nice “single-task” interface.

  • March 6, 2009

    Thanks, Tyler. I thought all the cool kids used plug-ins and downloads and
    telepathy and Dr. Manhattan.

  • March 10, 2009

    the search feature is a good add (though yay, I’m cool, using a plug-in or two or 12… uhh, friendfeed). Still when I first got into twitter, I used to like logging in via IM because that DID allow you to search (track) via tag. One thing I could never get, why bother with the # markings for themes/memes? Doesn’t tracking the actual word do the same thing?
    Anyway, nice blog… from an old binghamton pal

  • March 10, 2009

    Thanks for the note. I think the hashtag is just an easy way to separate the
    tag from the post. So you can say “That’s an awesome site #skittles” instead
    of “That’s an awesome site – re: skittles” or “that skittles site is
    awesome.” It’s just an easy form of shorthand.


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