A Mzungu’s Guide to Social Africa

"Mzungu" means white person, such as the one pictured here at Zanzibar Serena Inn. "Mshamba" refers to a country hick, and it's so insulting that the shopkeeper made me insist I wasn't buying the shirt for a friend. A Mzungu's Guide to Social Africaorignially published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider  Jambo! Karibu! All around Tanzania, […]

Deconstructing Foodspotting

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider   Deconstructing Foodspotting If you were going to create a new application or tool to take advantage of the current trends in social media, what elements would you include? Add your thoughts in the comments, but I'll share my wish list. First, there should be some mobile component, […]