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A colleague who I worked with last year shared a brutal post this week about triple-digit layoffs at the old ranch. Coincidentally, I was already working on this post that’s a round-up of resources that may be helpful. I’m hoping you, dear reader, aren’t in such a situation as the one my former colleagues face right now. […]
  1. Jobs
360i’s hiring in NY – namely, my team that’s pioneering all these emerging media and social media initiatives for our major clients, especially in media/entertainment (we work with a ton of the major TV networks, for starters) and retail. There are several positions open at different skill levels, ranging from digital word of mouth (PR […]
  1. Jobs
360i, the search-centric marketing agency that has indirectly paid these blog hosting bills the past two years (oh yeah, and works with a ton of the biggest, best brands in media & entertainment, retail, and other verticals), has a few openings that are so amazing, I can’t even post the full descriptions here or I’d […]
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