What Could Summize Do for Twitter?

The following post originally ran on 360i’s Digital Connections blog, which just launched today. There will be some cross-posting; entries from here will periodically make their way there, and I may well post a few things there that don’t make it here. There will also be others posting at 360i’s blog. My weekly columns will […]

Recent Twitter Posts

Not everyone’s going to follow me on Twitter, which is something I can live with, and I can’t say I catch everyone else’s posts, even when I’m following them. And most of my Twitter posts don’t need to go on the blog. But, if you’re wondering what you’re missing, here’s a selection of recent posts […]

Twitter Reflections on a Milestone

Recently I hit the milestone of having 1,000 followers on Twitter. I’m not trying to boast, as I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, and I’m fortunate that both apply here. Still, it’s a convenient time to reflect on what that means. 1) Friending vs. FollowingOne of the more interesting paradigms with Twitter is […]

How to Twitter an Event

There’s a lot of discussion now around how Twitter can be used at events. It gets even more interesting when the people on stage try to use it to monitor the reactions to what they’re saying. Jeremiah Owyang discussed his own experience as a moderator at Web 2.0 where Twitter helped him gauge audience feedback, […]