The Social Bowl That Wasn’t

The Social Bowl That Wasn'toriginally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider Super Bowl XLVI may be over, but as long as there are still drunk fans screaming at the bar Tonic in Manhattan’s Murray Hill, the analysis will go on. It’s not just the Patriots that should be hitting their heads over all the dropped […]

Attack Of The 50-Foot Faces

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider Where were you the morning of Thursday, October 21, 2010? I happened to be in a series of meetings. Yet if you were walking down a certain street in Singapore, you would have seen my face projected on to the side of a building, clearly visible in the […]

Indiana Jones Plays Ball

This was a surprise when I was checking out the Mets schedule this month: Indiana Jones is pictured on the calendar for opening day. Only after looking did I notice the ad to the left. It’s definitely an attention-grabber. He’s there for every team, though growing up in Princeton, NJ (according to Wikia), I fear […]