Bracing for the Age of Creative Disaffection

This column originally ran in Ad Age. I shortened it considerably before submitting it, and they are much better editors than me, so you can find the polished version there. My rougher, more meandering version is below.  A chief creative officer who I met with several years ago lamented about how much work was farmed […]

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27 Ways Marketers Can Use Blockchain

Originally published in Advertising Age Before anyone has had a chance to figure out their artificial intelligence strategy or augmented reality plan this year, along comes the blockchain to suck all the buzzword-filled air out of the room. But blockchain may be more impactful than anything marketers have encountered since the advent of the internet. […]

A Prize Fight Over What Media Wants

This was originally published in Ad Age. They took out my Trump joke though. So this version is better.  A Prize Fight Over What Media Wants The heavyweight fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor may have been the most pirated event ever. Is that because the distributors don’t understand the fundamentals of the media […]