Want to work with the Serial Marketer?

Here are a few of the ways that he can deliver value for your firm. Want to discuss this further? Contact him, or book time with him directly through his calendar.

How can you work with David?

Here are a few of the ways that he can deliver value for your firm. Want to discuss any of this further? Contact him, or book time with him directly through his calendar.

Fractional CMO… or FOAF

Best for: Any B2B business, especially tech or services firms, that need experienced marketing support without adding full-time headcount

Need a B2B marketer who’s seen it all, or at least some of it all? I’ve worked with agencies, tech companies, and others where I’ve led marketing strategy, build and led teams, set up paid media programs, ran ABM RFPs, managed PR firms, pitched media, created content marketing programs, written all kinds of content, overhauled SEO, and way more. (Cue Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere.”)

Sometimes what you need isn’t a full-on fractional marketing lead but a fraction of a fractional marketer… or a FOAF. Whether your need is a few hours here and there or a few days a week, talk to me about your needs, and we can see if my skills and bandwidth fit.

Proof points: I’ve served in fractional CMO or FOAF capacities with retail-focused agency WITHIN, ad tech company Five Tier, OOH/experiential firm Outernets, video ad startup Thece, and others.

B2B Content

Best for: B2B firms that need to create either one-time high-impact pieces like white papers or research reports, or ongoing pieces like blog posts, LinkedIn posts, and bylined articles

Writing is at the core of everything I do. I got into this business as a writer, and I’ll probably get out of it the same way. If I’m not writing pieces for clients, I’m writing them for my own Serial Marketer Weekly newsletter or creating original material like my Berky’s Marketing English book. Want to get your ideas on paper in a clear way that the target audience can understand and act on? I’ll bring your ideas to life in whatever format you need.

I’m also partnering with Dorian Benkoil of Teeming Media, experts in the Content Value Chain, to expand content offerings spanning a breadth of technical writing, marketing writing, and other services.

Proof points: I’ve written e-books, white papers, 1-sheets, POV pieces, social media posts, internal e-mails, research reports, and way more for firms like agency 360i (now Dentsu Creative), omnichannel ad platform Mediaocean, and social listening firm Sysomos (now Meltwater).

Community Sponsorship

Best for: When you need distribution to an engaged, target audience of marketing professionals

What if your needs are more about promotion and distribution? Let’s talk. I’ve been running sponsorships through my Serial Marketers community and Serial Marketer Weekly newsletter that reach thousands of engaged marketers. 

You can get above-the-fold promotions in the Serial Marketer community newsletter with its 50%+ weekly open rate, targeted 1:1 messages in the community, mass promotion on social channels with 40K+ followers, custom-branded webinars, and much more.

Proof points: Market research firm Wynter, omnichannel ad platform Mediaocean, and financial services firm Bottom Line Savings are some of the sponsors that have run ongoing engagements with the community and newsletters.

That’s just the start. Contact David or book time with him to discuss any of this further

You need a marketer you can trust who has worked with the world’s best, boldest, and biggest brands.

You need someone who can understand all sides of the marketing landscape – the buy side and sell side, agencies and publishers, marketing tech and ad tech.

You need someone with the right network, whether for sourcing deals or efficiently getting you the right tools and talent – saving you a lot of time, hassle, and money in the process.

You need someone who has been at the forefront of the cutting edge of marketing.

You need David Berkowitz – the Serial Marketer.


Professional guidance, right at your fingertips.

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Here’s what some of David’s peers, clients, and colleagues say about him

"David has been an invaluable resource... He helped to keep Coca-Cola upon the latest trends while ensuring any recommendations were strategically aligned to drive business results. He always has gone above and beyond.”
Linda Cronin
VP Integrated Marketing Coca-Cola
"His finger is on the pulse of the startup world and should you ever need are commendation, he is quick to give you not only a name,but often an introduction. His knowledge benefits his colleagues, clients and the industry at large.”
Rosie Yakob
Partner Genius Steals
"Working beside David was truly a career changing experience. He has the strategy & vision to help guide & direct your team to achieve new heights and drive continual growth!"
Janet Rooney
Director of Sales Sysomos / Meltwater
David and I had the pleasure of working together at MRY. We collaborated on a slate of fun, in-house videos and also shared a common mission to work with exciting creative partners pushing what is possible with digital video and content. David’s top-notch communications and marketing chief and became a trusted colleague and friend. I’m glad to know him and hope to work together again!
Jody Girgenti
It has been a pleasure, educational experience, and an honor to have worked with David at two different companies… While at Sysomos, I reported to David and you could not ask for a better leader or mentor. He was born for a leadership role. It is his way with people and the ability to inspire – not just because of the fantastic work he produces. I will make sure that David and I work together again. You need to make it a point to work with him too.
Leo Morejon
Chief Marketing Office
David is one of the most forward-thinking digital marketers I know. His work ethic and desire to push clients in ways that get them outside their comfort zone is amazing. He’s a stellar speaker and does a great job relating emerging digital content and new technologies to why brands should care and how they can best take advantage. He is very passionate about what he does and a true team player. I enjoyed working with David throughout my time in the Agency Lead role!
Jenna Sandoval
Marketing Lead

Here are some of the brands David has worked with.

Your brand could be next.



You’re also welcome to join his Serial Marketers community on Slack. Just visit serialmarketers.net and request access.