A Service I’d Pay For

I’d pay the price of an average magazine subscription just to be able to change all my magazine addresses in one shot. There are currently about 8-10 I read regularly and a few others I often leaf through, and as I’m preparing to move, changing each of these one by one is a tedious headache. […]

Googling Elections

I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but Google just release a Google Earth plugin for US election info. From their release: Today Google Earth celebrates the election season with the launch of the 2006 Google Earth Election Guide. Conceived by Google Earth engineers who found it difficult to find aggregated election information […]

Google Gadgets to Go

Google Gadgets now allows anyone to add them to any page, not just your Google personalized homepage. Here’s a sample; try it out for yourself and get the code for your blog, MySpace page, or whatever site you have. More info at TechCrunch.

Design and Web 2.0

Here’s the original link from Jeremiah regarding Web 2.0 color schemes. If you’re interested in this Web 2.0 stuff, you need to read him every day. Subscribe via e-mail if you prefer it that way. Link: Design, Font, Color, and Logo 2.0 – Web Strategy by Jeremiah. PS: Anyone have better ideas for renaming Web […]

Big Pharma Needs a Long Tail

I was reading Clayton Christensen’s latest piece, "Big Pharma’s Prognosis" on Forbes.com, where he talks about some remedies for pharmaceutical companies. He’s close to the most important point but doesn’t get there or quite spell it out: Big Pharma’s in need of tapping into the long tail. We’re seeing signs of life on the long […]

Hooray for Widgets

Thanks to the new widgets from TypePad (maybe they’re not so new; maybe I just never figured out how to use them before), I now have a few new bells and whistles on the blog. My personal favorite: FeedBlitz, at the top right. You can subscribe to this blog, and any other blog using it, […]