When Will Facebook Find Its Voice?

A more polished, edited version of this appeared in Ad Age. You’re stuck with the original ‘director’s cut’ here.  When Will Facebook Find Its Voice? Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and now Apple made their voice-activated hardware approaches clear. There’s one proverbial elephant that isn’t in the literal living room right now though: Facebook. Does that mean […]

Who’s the Mobile Champ Now?

Well, I have no idea. But Google has a new series about it: What is top of mind for mobile evangelists in the agency community? How are agencies helping their clients win with mobile? We caught up with mobile leaders from the agency world and asked what excites them — and challenges them — about […]

The Interest Graph Vs. The Knowledge Graph

Above: Robert Scoble’s Interest Graph, via Gravity.com The Interest Graph vs The Knowledge Graph originally published in MediaPost’s Social Media Insider What’s more valuable: your interests or what you want to know? The difference between the Interest Graph and the Knowledge Graph will shape the direction of two major technology companies in the years ahead, […]

A Glass Half Mindful, Half Social

A view of Charlie Rose, and a glass more than half full, from Sebastian Thrun A Glass Half Mindful, Half Socialoriginally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider  What if you didn’t need a mobile phone to share content? What if you could share your literal point of view? What if “always on” didn’t just mean […]

The Chosen Media

The Chosen Media originally published in MediaPost’s Social Media Insider (update: for the benefit of the Walgreens representative who commented below, and the benefit of anyone else who may be confused, this entire column is an opinion, as is everything else on this blog) “Now therefore, if You will obey our voices, and keep our […]

What You Won’t Like about Google+ Pages

This column was originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider. For more perspective on Google+, check out my post in Ad Age on Why Google+ Isn't Just Another Facebook, as well as 360i's White Paper on Google+ Brand Pages. On to today's column… What You Won't Like about Google+ Pages If you haven’t set up […]

Your Google+ Strategy Calculator

Your Google+ Strategy Calculator originally pubished in MediaPost’s Social Media Insider When brands are invited to participate in Google+, it’s going to get weird. Marketers will face challenges they’ve never had to deal with before in social media. Without knowing specific details of what Google+ brand pages will look like, enough of the variables are […]

Keep It Strategic, Stupid

360i Social Marketing Playbook Keep It Strategic, Stupid In 2011, do marketers and their trusty agencies really need a reminder to tie social marketing programs back to their overall marketing strategy and objectives? Yes. For Exhibit A, I present Google+. Right after Google+ launched, I wrote an FAQ covering what Google+ is and why it's […]

Why Google+ Doesn’t Matter

Why Google+ Doesn't Matter"Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media InsiderFind me on Google+ here, and read the Google+ FAQ Google+ is the future of social media! It's better than Facebook and Twitter and CatPaint combined! It can haz cheezburger! Or maybe not. The past two weeks have painted an overly sanguine portrait of Google+'s new […]