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140 Characters Conference Multimedia Recap

David Berkowitz and the HootSuite Owl at the 140 Characters Conference June 09 - 140conf

It was an honor to be part of Jeff Pulver’s first 140 Characters Conference. I’m still trying to figure out what it was, what happens, and what it means. It was a two day conference on Twitter, one of a bunch of Twitter conferences going on.

If you consider going in the future, know that it’s not about marketing. I was on a panel with others from the marketing world [ Aaron Strout (@AaronStrout) – CMO, Powered, Inc., Brian Morrissey (@bmorrissey) – Digital Editor at Adweek, Hadley Stern (@hadleystern) – Vice-President, Fidelity Labs, Peter Fasano (@pfasano) – Principal/Lead Catalyst, Mass+Logic ]. Other marketers were there too. But we were the odd men out (yes, all men in this case – sorry).

The event was about transformation. How is Twitter transforming journalism, television, music, relationships, and, yes, marketing? What does it really mean?

There is the risk of an echo chamber effect. People there were on Twitter. This wasn’t a how-to seminar. It’s hard to say what it was. But anyone who sat in on the Ann Curry panel knew they were witnessing something big. She is quite possibly the best panelist I’ve ever seen, with her passion and authenticity. A clip of the end of the session is below, so you can get a taste of it (you’ll also see Rick Sanchez from CNN and Clayton Morris from Fox and Friends – see more coverage on Twitter as a news Gathering Tool on my blog). I’ll share the whole session if I see it somewhere, and you can just fast forward to anytime Ann opens her mouth. Oh and follow her on Twitter.

On that note, thanks Jeff Pulver and congrats on the event. The YouTube clip is below, followed by a slideshow of Flickr photos. You can also see those photos on Facebook if you want to tag yourself or friends in any.



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