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5 Trends Marketers Need to Watch at CES


I&;ve got a new post in Ad Age today: 5 trends marketers need to watch at CES.&;

The top 5:

  1. TV is no longer the first screen.
  2. Touch screens need new types of ads (and inputs).
  3. The internet of things expands its social network.
  4. As tech titans bruise each other, consumers benefit (greed is good — for consumers).
  5. Forget about product announcements. None of it will matter in February.

There&39;s a lot of color on all of them on Ad Age.

It&39;s the last one that seems to have generated a lot of response on Twitter, and it&39;s the reason I needed to write the post. I noted in the column:

Looking at the 2012 recaps from Huffington Post and CNET, there&39;s practically no correlation between what journalists loved and what consumers bought. The Nokia Lumia 900 was called the best cell phone, but Apple and Samsung&0160;were the ones winning market share. Both outlets named the HP Envy Spectre the best laptop, yet the top selling Spectre on Amazon currently ranks at number 586 in the Computers & Accessories category.

Go through those other lists. Google all the coverage. About 10% of it was interesting, and 5% of it was about anything that mattered.&0160;

Check out the rest of the column, and let me know what you think is going to matter for brands. And if you&39;re out at CES, say hi. I&39;ll be easy to find – waiting on taxi and buffet and keynote lines with 140,000 others.



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