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A Post for Aida, Linda, Dana, and Savvy Aunties everywhere.

I have a number of savvy aunties (here’s a shout-out to you Aida and Linda!). And then there’s my sister Dana, who’s not just a savvy auntie, but a PANK, a Professional Aunt with No Kids. They’ll all find a place to connect on SavvyAuntie.com, which launches today; "PANK" was coined by Melanie Notkin, SavvyAuntie.com’s founder.

I haven’t joined yet, though I’m tempted to incognito just to check it out. What can I say – I’m jealous, especially since there’s no SavvyUncle.com.

Here’s the gist of SavvyAuntie.com:

SavvyAuntie.com is the first resource and online community and destination for Aunts. With advice and expertise developed just for Aunts, along with activities and gift ideas for their nieces and nephews, Aunts can get what they need to live the Savvy Auntie lifestyle. Moreover, the Savvy Auntie Community enables Aunties to connect and share the best and most challenging parts of Aunt-hood with their Savvy Auntie friends. Dubbed “the first parenting site for non-parents,” SavvyAuntie.com empowers and engages aunts with expert information and a social network to learn, connect, share, celebrate and indulge in aunt-hood.

It’s of course a challenge to launch a new network, and there are plenty of sites specifically focused around women from mainstays like iVillage to link voting sites such as Kirtsy. Will the PANKs and other savvy aunties out there come forward and connect?

We’ll see. I look forward to the updates from Melanie. If you’re in New York tomorrow night, you can meet her yourself at her laid back launch celebration. I’ll be going over there to toast Aida, Linda, Dana, and of course Melanie.


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