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Adrian Grenier – He's Just Like Us

I can’t resist being a bit of a celebrity whore. I’m in jury duty in NY County Court, and I’m sitting next to Adrian Grenier, star of HBO’s "Entourage." They mean it when they say no exemptions. He must be on a light filming schedule if he opted not to postpone it (perhaps he already had; heck, I had to postpone it three times).

Anyway, he walked into this main waiting room with a couple hundred people where I was sitting against the wall at one of the six cubicles that had ethernet connections and outlets. He asked an older woman next to me for her seat, as she was just reading a newspaper, and she obliged, not knowing who he is. She returned a few minutes later asking him where he was sitting since she couldn’t find any seats, and he mentioned he was on a bench outside the room.

Now we’ve been here for a couple hours, working through lunch (these workstations are at a premium). He’s working on his entertainment projects, and I’m working on telling people I’m sitting next to him. We even watched each other’s laptops – Vince and I, we’re tight like that.

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    December 7, 2006

    You can be Turtle and drive him around, or be drama and embarrass him. take your pick, but I’m sure both would be fun.


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