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Advice for a New CMO: 23 Marketing Leaders Share Candid Wisdom

I&;m excited to share a new publication with you, something that I think is a pretty amazing collection of advice and wisdom from 23 of the smartest marketing leaders. They&39;re all answering the same question: "What advice do you have for a new CMO?" Their advice for chief marketing officers is all gathered here, and I think if you&39;re even remotely interested in marketing, this should be something that you&39;ll want to bookmark, download, and share. If you do share it, and if you have advice of your own to share, join the conversation with the hashtag.

Here&39;s what really wound up being an e-book; read below for more of the story.



Where did this advice come from?

In June 2013, I joined agency MRY
as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). It’s my first time in such a role.

On my first day the job, I posted a
note to a private community asking some friends from my professional sphere,
“What advice do you have for a first-time CMO?”

The responses were inspiring. Right
away, I knew I had to share them, and soon I had permission from everyone to
post their advice publicly. I was hungry for more though. I reached out to some
others who held marketing leadership roles, worked with CMOs, or have given me
great advice in the past. Many of them fit all three criteria. More advice
poured in, representing hundreds of years of executive leadership experience.

While this advice originally
started as some private pointers for one agency’s new CMO, it’s relevant to
marketers in a range of industries, and to people who aspire to marketing
leadership positions. I know I’ll be learning from this advice for years to
come. Maybe you will too.

As for you, if you have advice to
contribute, share it online with the newcmo hashtag, and
you can email it over to me at david.berkowitz @ mry .
com. Perhaps there will be an updated or second edition as more comes in.

Who are the advisors?

These executives represent major brands such as Comedy Central, Cox, Ford, and PepsiCo, along with startups such as Causes.com, Collective Bias, and LocalResponse, plus some running their own consultancies. Follow them, and in the e-book, the notes field has their LinkedIn profiles as well so they&39;re even easier to find.&0160;

Thank you Marc, Richard, Toby, Val, Joe,
Toby, David, Aaron, Rachel, Larry, Max, Peter, Dave, Joe, Charlene, Nihal,
Scott, Mark, B.L., Ted, Shiv, Don, and Zena!

And thank you for reading, sharing, and perhaps even contributing.


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  • Avatar
    July 8, 2013

    You’re definitely going to be one of the great CMOs David!
    Thanks for including me in your brain trust 🙂
    Great to be in such exalted company.


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