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Age of Conversation Arrives Today

I’ve had the honor of providing about 1% of the contributions to The Age of Conversations, a new book available from 100 of the smartest practitioners and pontificators (they’re listed in the extended entry).
Since I keep putting off this post, I’m just going to steal the news and links from Matt Dickman, who probably won’t mind too much:

The e-book, paperback and
hard cover editions are now available with all proceeds going to charity.
This has been a truly remarkable project led by two extraordinary people. Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton took this upon themselves and the result is fantastic.
You can purchase the book here (note the awesome cover by David Armano), you can also join our Facebook group here (thanks to Mark Goren), you can see a map of all of the authors and you can read about the press this is getting (thanks to the work of David Reich) here.
There are three options for purchase:
e-book – $9.99 US  ($7.99 goes to Variety)
softcover – $16.95  ($8.10 goes to charity)
hardcover – $29.99  ($8.55 to charity)

Age of Conversation Contributors:

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