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Another Point of Context Lost

Earlier this week, I was at a dinner with clients in advance of the shop.org show in town, and one conversation went as follows:

Client: There’s this show I like that’s really funny, a comedy talk show. It’s on at around 8pm.

Colleague 1: Bill Maher?

Colleague 2: Conan?

We kept trying to guess for awhile. It turns out the show is The Colbert Report, which airs at 11:30pm EST. Yet the show airs the next day several times, including 8:30pm. She just thought he was prime-time viewing, not late-night.

It led me to wonder just how hard conversations like that will be once we are all on the Tivo/DVR schedule. They’ll probably go something like this:

Jim: You know that show that’s on at such and such a time?

Bob: I watch shows when I want to watch them.

Mary: I buy all my shows and watch them on my iPod when I commute.

Sue: My DVR predicts what I’ll want to watch and records shows for me without me doing anything.

Jorge: I watch all my shows online.

It’s one more modern twist on the Tower of Babel.

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    October 23, 2006

    Even better, I have a satellite dish that gets East Coast network shows (I am in SF). So I can TiVo Colbert at 8:30 PT and watch that day’s show at 9pm.
    A little “back to the future” in your TiVo.


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