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At SXSW Friday? Join My Games Panel with the IAB and Nielsen

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Want to see some great ways brands are using games?

Want to dispel some myths about gaming and gamers?

Good, me too. That&;s why I&39;m showing up to the SXSW panel "Games: Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime."&;

Anyway, I&39;d love for you to join. The SXSW panel is Friday at 3:30pm in the Palmer Events Center, just a short walk south of the river. And if you&39;re lost, or want to stalk me in general, follow me on Foursquare as I&39;ll be sharing my location there way too often.&0160;

Here&39;s more:

Raise your hand if you agree with any of these statements:&0160;
– Gamers are primarily by young or teen boys.&0160;
– Games are usually played alone in the home on game consoles.

You may be surprised at how many people would have their hand raised…especially brand marketers and agencies who make decisions about promoting /advertising on games as part of their digital marketing mix. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Games Committee is here to dispel the myths about gamers based on current research that shows how games truly are played by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We&39;ll introduce you to different gamer segments. You’ll learn about the type of games they are most likely to play, when and where they play them, what devices they play them on, how they interact with each medium and how mobile and tablets are significantly impacting today&39;s game playing. We’ll end with some thoughts on the future of gaming.

Join us and meet today&39;s game players.

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