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Attendi Launches, Makes Searching a Full-Time Job

Have you ever thought, "I love searching on Google and Yahoo, but I wish I could take the time to chat with everyone who listed a search result?" Or maybe you wanted to be a living, breathing search result yourself.

Now you can, thanks to the debut of Attendi, "the search engine of personal experience." The PR email I got said:

By integrating a real-time chat tool into its search results, Attendi
aims to personify the Internet, creating a global social network of
active participants that make up a living search engine. Attendi allows
users to have real-time conversations with those who share similar
interests, hobbies, passions and expertise. The company then archives
these conversations and delivers them as relevant search results to
benefit other users.

I’ll try just about anything, but this seems like a lot of work. Here’s more from the release:

“Today’s introduction of Attendi could completely transform the search
market,” said Drew Rayman, founder and CEO of Attendi, Inc. “Every
public page on the Internet is searchable, and right now conventional
search engines like Google and Yahoo do an excellent job of indexing
and delivering ‘what’s out there.’ What’s missing is YOU. Each of us
are databases brimming with life experience, insight and knowledge that
have never been indexed or searchable on the web … until today.”

You read it here first (or whatever blog you read it on first): this will not completely transform the search market. That’s not to say it won’t find any audience, and maybe this will be some new twist on Yahoo Answers that reaches a passionate user base and creates enough spiderable content so that it shows up for a lot of long-tail search queries. Yet this isn’t revolutionizing anything.

(Note: This launched at Demo07, not OMMA, though somehow I’m on that press list too.)

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Comments to: Attendi Launches, Makes Searching a Full-Time Job
  • Avatar
    September 24, 2007

    I agree David.
    It may be useful if you’re a hobbyist or enthusiast and are looking for something very specific.
    But it sure does sound like a lot of work.
    And I’d be skeptical of responses from the kind of people who felt compelled to hang out on line (for free) and provide them.

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    April 13, 2009

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