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Brought to you by: AI Marketing Tools to Save You💰 & ⏰—————————————————- Here’s a roundup of what’s been going on and what’s ahead this past week. First off, next week, I’m trying something new and giving a paid talk on AI marketing tools. It’s a showcase of so much of the great tech and a lot of […]
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How to manage when it all falls apart Brought to you by: BlueDot’s AI-powered Google Meet assistant—————————————————- It’s a rare Monday column. I fell behind on getting this right for Friday, and I’ll just publish this one before the end of the year. Working for yourself or running your own business? Losing a client can be […]
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How to use and find your voice where it counts Brought to you by: WorkReduce’s New Workforce Agility Report—————————————————- I’ve been spending more of my time and energy on LinkedIn lately. It’s more productive and less toxic than other platforms, and it often leads me to connect or reconnect with wonderful humans. It’s not all perfect. […]
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Brought to you by: Compete Week—————————————————- I’m writing this from Austin, where I was been speaking at the HGS Build for the Future Summit. It’s both fun and humbling to feel like such a novice in a room full of brilliant folks tackling customer experience (CX) challenges or applying their other areas of expertise. I made […]
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  How could we make Advertising Week more interactive and inclusive? Brought to you by: Compete Week—————————————————- The Unconference Banner, created with DALL-E 3 Happy Advertising Week, everyone. And Happy Tech Week. And Happy Ad Tech Week.The first two did take place in New York City this week. The third is made up. Ad Tech Week […]
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  It isn’t Twitter anymore Brought to you by: Ramp (“spending made smarter”)—————————————————- The Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel upended the nation, region, and world in all kinds of devastating ways. While I stand with the victims of terrorist attacks, I have a hard enough time making sense of topics like marketing and AI, so the Middle […]
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