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Get the New Berky’s Marketing English Ebook

It’s time to share my new labor of love with you, and I hope you love it too.

Berky’s Marketing English, which debuted as a handful of entries in this newsletter this January, is now a short book. Spanning 44 pages, it includes more than 100 entries, and they cover every letter from A to Z.

As a newsletter reader, you get to see it first.

The ebook’s original inspiration was Dreyer’s English. When I read the grammar guide from Random House Copy Chief Benjamin Dreyer, it made me crave a version for marketers. It didn’t exist, so I decided to write it.

Much more inspiration came from Brazilian artist Isabela Flores de Moura, You need to zoom in on the illustrations in the book and savor the detail. Her work kept inspiring me to write more, and write better. Magic is alive thanks to talent like Isabela’s. Hire her at any opportunity. Follow her on Instagram too.

As for the book, it’s subtitled “a compendium of meaning for the modern marketer.” BME examines concepts we assume we understand and then rips them apart.

If it does its job, you will be in a meeting, and you will hear someone mention the subject of one of these entries, and you’ll stop and laugh – not at anyone in particular. You’ll just appreciate how in the marketing field, our job is to communicate ideas, yet the terms we use rarely communicate what they really mean. Maybe, as I’ve done, you’ll stop and laugh at yourself.

What’s your pleasure? Fraud? Ad targeting? “As a service” businesses? The duopoly-turned-triopoly? Traditional media? Workplace gender bias? Direct marketing? Influencers? PR? White Claw and White, Betty?

It’s all in there.

Here’s what I’ll ask of you:

You’re already so kind and smart and devilishly good-looking as to read this newsletter, so I think we’re at this point in the relationship where we can trust each other.

For you, skip the line. Go directly to the PDF and get your copy of Berky’s Marketing English.

Save it. Print it. Send it to your Kindle. Read it aloud on FaceTime to a loved one.

But when you share the link, send everyone you know to berky.co. If they put in their email address, they’ll wind up with their own shiny, 2020 edition of the only marketing glossary they’ll ever read… and probably they only one they’ll ever need.


Simple, right?

Thank you in advance for reading and sharing this. Thank Isabela too. Her contact info’s in the book, and you can DM her on Slack in Serial Marketers.

Meanwhile, when you do get to start reading BME, let me know what you think. It felt good to find a stopping point for this after 115 entries representing every letter, but I feel like I could keep working on this for years.

Thank you.

For reading it.

For sharing Berky.co.

For your feedback.

And for letting me know what you’re making of yourself.


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