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Best Books of 2006

Coming this month: I’ll be reviewing the best books I read in 2006. It’s hardly a definitive list, and unlike other "best of" lists, quite a few of the books reviewed here were published before 2006 (though most are new this year). I did manage to read at least 45 books this year, probably the most I ever have, along with other works that span religious texts, comic books, and other genres.

The posts will largely feature the best business books of the year (I went for a Top 9 Business Books list not to be cutesy but because when I looked at my favorites, I wound up with nine worth recommending), but it will also cover some other genres. Additionally, even many of the business books mentioned won’t quite qualify as business books — some won’t be anywhere near the business section in Barnes & Noble — but they will undoubtedly provide inspiration for your working life.

Keep checking back this month for the book recommendations, and be sure to share your own. Thanks for your readership, and if you so choose, for joining the conversation.

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