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Birthday Greetings by Channel, Updated

Now that the birthday’s done, I had to update the pie chart from yesterday on birthday greeting referrals. As if the blog comments here weren’t enough, colleague Chris Humber, featured in this week’s column on universal search, scrawled out a handwritten note.

Some more notes on this chart:

  • Friendster beat MySpace for referrals because Friendster, passe as it is, still sends birthday alerts via email.
  • Skype came through at the buzzer, as I found a couple messages there when I left my computer on last night and checked this morning.
  • With greeting cards, I’m still optimistic that my grandmothers will come through. Just give them a little leeway, alright? You might remember an introduction to one of them, Grandmom Berkowitz, in the Google vs. Grandmom column from a couple years ago.
  • I’m surprised how few marketers take advantage of birthdays since so many have it on file. The best one to reach out to me was Michael C. Fina, which emailed a 15% discount during my birthday month. While we were planning to already, this reaffirmed that Cara and I would buy our wedding bands there. (An aside: their customer service is abysmal, no matter who I’ve dealt with there at their NYC retail store, but merchandise quality has saved their brand for us.) Other marketers to reach out for my big day: Xing.com, the social network that I never use, and LiftTicketsCheap, a friend’s ski lift ticket site that left a birthday card + ad in my MySpace profile comments (Nate, your ad just went viral).
    Update: It turned out Helio and Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome also left me birthday greetings with prominent images on my MySpace comments. No need to update the chart for the ads.
  • Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. I’m looking forward to a great year.


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