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Buzz Monitoring: Settling Bar Bets

Wright_on_google_trends I was having an e-mail chat with Mark Naples about baseball (talking about work gets old fast; baseball, meanwhile, presents 2,430 games in the regular season alone). After David Wright’s Friday night game-winning hit against the Yankees, I was going to write Mark about how Wright doesn’t get as much attention in the NY media market with so many other celebrities in the lineup. Before I wrote him, though, I checked Google Trends. It turns out Wright usually gets the most buzz.

Click on the image. The legend:
Blue: Carlos Delgado
Red: Carlos Beltran
Orange: Pedro Martinez
Green: David Wright

Reviewing it further, Wright’s fan base is strictly North American (US / Canada). Delgado hogs the limelight in Puerto Rico, Peru, and Venezuela. Pedro wins in Spain and Mexico. As for Beltran? Even in Portuguese, David Wright’s a bigger star.

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