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Cache and Carry

Cache_1A quick break from the Frost & Sullivan coverage: I haven’t been as up on the news as I normally like to be, but that didn’t stop me from sharing a few thoughts in MediaPost on a new Google ruling. It’s all about the cache, baby. And how’s this repurposed artwork for a double entendre?

There’s also a great series in Wired this month on the feature of Google that I’d link to, but I want to get to F&S early since I’m moderating the first panel this morning. 

Lastly, dinner with the Frost & Sullivan gang was a blast. We were even joined by Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants mascot. History check: Did Lou come before or after all the gags in Arrested Development?

Meanwhile, I still never blogged about the riveting session on blogging yesterday. More on that later.

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