The Biggest Red Flag from a Vendor

I receive a lot of pitches from companies and people collectively known as vendors. Some are publishers, platforms, technology companies, apps, developers, websites, and other self-described genres. They're all vendors though because they're all selling something. They are also known as sellers. I've seen two major red flags lately, one from a vendor on the […]

Six Steps For An Epic Promoted Tweet Fail

Today's Social Media Insider column, originally published in MediaPost    Marketers, if you're looking for tips on how to make the most of Twitter's new ad platform, skip this and harass your favorite Twitter guru. Heck, my cohort Cathy Taylor already gave a good taste of what's new about the ad model. There's enough sound […]

The Social Agency of the Future

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider If you look ahead at the agency business several years out, where will social media fit in, especially once some of the hype dies down? The question occurred to me after hearing a speech by someone I've worked with for over four years now: 360i CEO Bryan Wiener. […]

Offerpal Befriends Direct And Brand Marketers

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider   One emerging business model that has caught on in social media is not particularly social at all. The model, especially prominent in supporting the booming social gaming business, allows marketers to target consumers with cost-per-acquisition deals that earn consumers points or virtual currency in the games. Among […]

The J-Files: Jewdar Theories

Everyone seems to have a theory on Jewdar.   Last week, I  chronicled a resurgence in the mysterious religious ad targeting on Facebook. Facebook confirmed my suspicion about the limits of ad targeting on the social network. A spokesperson told me, "We don't extend the capability to target by religion. Therefore, advertisers cannot target users […]

Self-Help with Facebook’s Self Service Ads

Here's today's latest Social Media Insider from MediaPost. You can see more discussion of these ads in the previous post. The self-service ad model may not be the secret to Facebook's future fortunes, but it presents marketers with some largely untapped opportunities for reaching the most precisely targeted audiences online. If you talk to Facebook's […]