A Sniff Test for the Internet of Things

originally published in Ad Age A Sniff Test for the Internet of Things My air freshener is connected to the internet. Now I know what the internet of things smells like: floral notes covering up overpriced hardware and overcomplicated software that provide a marginal benefit. When the Febreze Home internet-connected plug-in air freshener arrived in […]

Why 2016 Won’t be the Year of VR

To close out the year, I started writing a post about what won't happen in 2016. All my favorite subjects centered on virtual reality. The column below originally ran in Ad Age.  Reality Check: 2016 Won't Be the Year of VR 10 Reasons Why Marketers Can't March Blindly Into Virtual Reality If 2015 was the […]

If Not Nike, Who Will Win the Wearable Marathon?

Here's another byline that I've been delayed in posting. Like other bylines, I've included my original version below; the edition in Ad Age undoubtedly reads better, so you may want to skip ahead to that one instead.   FuelBand Won the Sprint, But Here’s How to Win the Wearable Marathon By David Berkowitz April 18 […]