Online Media Panel – Gotham Media Ventures Breakfast Tackles The Future of News and Information

Earlier, I posted coverage of the traditional media panel from today's Gotham Media Breakfast. Now we get to the online panel coverage. Overall, I found the traditional media panel more compelling for a number of reasons: Times are especially tough for traditional media companies, so it's really great timing to hear their strategies for dealing […]

Time’s 50 Best Websites: An Inside Look

Full disclosure: my agency, 360i, works with; as usual in these situations, this post is about something I’d have reviewed here anyway, and I’m providing some insights that go beyond what you’ll find on their site. Today is launching its 50 Best Websites for 2008 list. There are some personal favorites represented like […]

Firebrand Preview Launches during Advertising Week – Love Coverage

Blogging from the launch of Firebrand, a new media company focused on entertaining ads in multiplatform environment – Web, TV (on Ion), and mobile. Official launch: October 22 Targets Millennials, 30% of US population. Firebrand: QVC for the MySpace generation, or doing for ads what MTV did for music/music videos. Bottom line: advertising supported by […]

Behind the Interview: Quoting Smart Friends

I don’t normally post links to when I’m quoted in the press (seems a little pretentious, even for me), yet it can be fun going behind the scenes of an interview sometimes. A quote on Google’s personalized search results in Direct Magazine is a great opportunity: For another thing, optimizing for the possible variations in […]

My Media Consumption Diet

Jeremiah Owyang started a meme. I’m now doing my part to spread it. How Dawkinsian. Based on Jeremiah’s original post, here’s my own media consumption diet, ranked from those I consume most to the occasional midnight snack: Web: I get most of my news this way, though not that much entertainment. I read a bunch […]