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  Acting. Parenting. Tweeting. We’re going to talk about all three today because they relate. I was talking to my actor friend, Lindsay, who’s made an appearance in these columns before. I was telling her how excited my eight-year-old daughter was when she found a yoga blanket gathering dust in my entertainment console drawer and asked […]
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  I was talking to a clown the other day, and there’s one thing you need to do when talking to a clown: Take good notes. Within five seconds of her talking about the art of clown — and it is an art form — my gears were turning. The clown, Lindsay, asked me, “You […]
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  Maybe we forgotThey are not aloneNo one is aloneSomeone is on your sideNo one is aloneFrom “No One is Alone” in Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim I was hanging out with an actor friend over Thanksgiving, and unfortunately, she’ll remember me as the person who informed her of Stephen Sondheim’s passing last Friday. It’s hard […]
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  I was at Upstream’s NFT Week mixer last night, which I sponsored through the $CMO coin brand, and I spent most of the event talking about crypto with a pastor from Memphis who was in town for the week. This has the makings of a great column, but it turns out there was a little less conversation […]
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  Kids, this week’s edition teaches you an important lesson: don’t watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe while you’re taking personality assessments. Or maybe you should. Do you ever find that instead of bringing who you are into a role, a role can shape you? That’s something I’ve been thinking about ever since my friend Eric Sullivan at […]
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Qwikster can come soon enough Netflix In Netflux Flunks Recommendations originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider I wouldn&39;t have predicted that I&39;d be seeking a new entertainment recommendation service right at the time that I&39;ve been using Netflix the most. Sadly, with its forthcoming split into two companies, Netflix has lost any concept of […]
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One more personal post to close out the year – following up on my book recommendations for South America, I’ve also publicly shared my travel journal, embedded below and freely downloadable if you’re at all interested in more than just the photo or book highlights. If you do check it out, let me know what […]
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