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Brought to you by: A stealth startup seeking your feedback—————————————————- Voice cloning is here. Another one of Pandora’s boxes is open. I shared a post about this earlier this week on LinkedIn: “I just created my very own voice clone in just 5 minutes using only 30 seconds of audio, all thanks to PlayHT. Click the link to listen, and […]
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  Brought to you by: Five Tier—– Having a third-grader and two cats at home gives me frequent opportunities to think about different types of intelligence, and I’ve been sketching out some thoughts on how this applies to marketing. I’ll be curious to get your perspective too. The theory of multiple intelligences was coined by Howard […]
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  This week, we’ll take a close look at the best feature of some text-based generative AI engines that you’re probably not using, and we’ll also come up with some names for three-legged pets. There’s something for everyone here. The setting is “temperature,” and whether you take it literally or metaphorically, it can transform your […]
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I just issued a new press release: “Serial Marketer Welcomes ChatGPT Plus as Virtual Associate, Boosting Marketing Capabilities and Customer Satisfaction” I was tempted to paste it here, but take a sec to read it. I’ll make a cup of ChatGPTea. … Oh, good to have you back. Yes, it was mostly written by ChatGPT. It took […]
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  “Do you remember that in classical times when Cicero had finished speaking, the people said, ‘How well he spoke’—but when Demosthenes had finished speaking, the people said, ‘Let us march’?”-Adlai Stevenson, in introducing a candidate for the Presidency who succeeded where he failed, in Los Angeles, 1960. This is one of the quotes that […]
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  Thanks to our supporter First Insights— Choose who you want in your party. Stock up on supplies. Determine your route. Brush up on your hunting skills. And wonder how long it’ll be until you get hit with dysentery. If you do, try not to die. And if you die, decide if you want to do […]
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While I had known Scott Monty beforehand (the photo above is from Blog World Expo 2008), my first clear memories of interacting with him stem from CES 2009. He was running social for Ford then, and he somehow got both the CEO and President of Ford to do video interviews with me at some blogger […]
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  I’ve been writing about jobs a lot lately. The highs and lows of the hunt. Reference materials. Wacky experiments at the intersection of job searches & AI. Job writing isn’t a genre. It’s a vibe. And it’s a vibe that’s shifting for quite a few folks these days. Here’s a roundup, some of which […]
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  “Don’t know about you, but ChatGPT has eliminated like 98% of my Google searches. The remaining 2% is constantly asking what time the local pharmacy closes since 100% of my family are now sick with infections requiring prescription meds.”-Matt Wurst, Web3 and Twitter enthusiast, shared via a tweet, 12/14/2022 My esteemed former colleague Matthew Wurst, […]
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I was doing yoga at home using a mobile app streamed to my TV this morning, and the naughtier of my cats, Cash, used this as an opportunity to hop on the dining room table. He knows he is not supposed to. I paused my yoga and shooed him off. At the end of yoga, […]
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