Will Google Kill Its Cash Cow by 2020?

Will search still be the driving force of digital media usage and revenues? Probably not. Consider the driving forces of the internet over the past few decades: 1980s: Bulletin Board Services (BBS) and early internet service providers – generally message boards, text-based games, and a few other add-ons 1990s: AOL and the closed internet service […]

Your Google+ Strategy Calculator

Your Google+ Strategy Calculator originally pubished in MediaPost’s Social Media Insider When brands are invited to participate in Google+, it’s going to get weird. Marketers will face challenges they’ve never had to deal with before in social media. Without knowing specific details of what Google+ brand pages will look like, enough of the variables are […]

Wave Riding over Bing

Google Wave Team celebrates – by niallkennedy via Flickr Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider In the future, my dad will be a blogger. He'll create wikis. He'll have his work translated into languages spoken across Europe, Asia, and South America. He'll accomplish it effortlessly with Google Wave. I watched the 80-minute developer preview […]