My Google Wave Limerick

After reading VentureBeat’s coverage of Google Wave – its initial coverage, and then a musing on if it means the death of Gmail and Google Docs – I had to sign up for the beta. When you sign up, you’re encouraged to write a message to the Google Wave team, and it notes “haikus, sonnets, […]

The Bing Bang: First Thoughts on Microsoft’s New Search Engine

This post was originally shared on 360i’s blog. Microsoft’s Bing has lots of great features. Recommending where to park at NYC restaurants isn’t one of them. Today, while there have been the requisite conversations about Twitter and Facebook, the day’s been dominated by one word: “Bing.” Yes, is here, almost. Microsoft is launching its […]

Why Google Needs Twitter Search

Twitter Search by Dave Delaney via Flickr Here’s Today’s MediaPost column. You can read my previous coverage on why Google should buy Twitter on the Ad Age Digital Next blog. Google's probably not buying Twitter, despite rumors last week that it might. Whether Google should do so depends on many issues, including the price and […]