Modest Needs, Major Impact

When considering philanthropic endeavors, sometimes it’s great to go right to the source so you know where and how you’re making an impact. In some ways, sites like Kiva (previously mentioned here) go a long way there, though microloan sites like Kiva take investments, not donations – you get the money back which you can […]

CES Greenery: Offset Carbon Credits

A number of the exhibitors at CES this year in Vegas are showcasing their environmentally friendly products, and CES is doing the same with its Green Guide online. It also partnered with the Carbon Fund so attendees like myself can figure out how much of a carbon footprint they’re making and then make a donation […]

Book of the Hump Club

I’m constantly blown away by the ways the Web keeps making the world smaller. Here’s a new favorite: Though The Camel Bookmobile (HarperCollins, April 2007) is a novel, the camel-borne library actually exists. It operates in Kenya’s isolated Northeastern Province near the unstable border with Somalia. It brings books to a semi-nomadic people who live […]