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  This week, I celebrated my birthday (yay), participated in a 60-person offsite with my colleagues, hosted a webinar, hosted a community virtual event, celebrated a relationship anniversary, and somehow got a few other things done. Writing a whole bespoke newsletter wasn’t in the cards. But I would like to post a couple of updates. […]
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  Thanks to our supporter, Bottom Line Having gone to two funerals over the past month, I’ve been forced to confront mortality more than usual lately, so now you’re coming along for the ride. Naturally, on the ride out to the second of the burials, I began to wonder, “Can I get a column out of […]
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  What would the Anti-Cannes event look like? That’s what I wondered while darting around from yacht to yacht on the Croisette this week. This isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with Cannes (Sir Martin Sorrell of S4Capital disagrees; see why below). It attracts senior leaders to forge relationships, share ideas, and build pipeline […]
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  One of the things that I think humans get wrong the most is trying to make time consistent for everyone everywhere. An hour for me may be the same hour for a Maasai community member or a Saudi princess, but we all experience time differently and personally. My last hour won’t feel quite the […]
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