David Siegel on Web 3.0

There’s some kind of blog karma in the world today. In my MediaPost column today, I mentioned David Siegel’s vision for the semantic web and Web 3.0. Today, he emailed me, "I update my blog once or twice a year, and today’s the day. I’m launching my definition of Web 3.0." Check out his full […]

Discovery: The Anti-Search

This column picks up from a post mentioned on this blog about two weeks back on how this is the Year of Discovery. The idea’s fleshed out more in the MediaPost column below, which continues in the extended entry. Discovery: The Anti-SearchBy David Berkowitz If some visions for the future of search are realized, then […]

2007: Year of Discovery

Fine, I’m sold on it. I know I’m not the first to say it, but as someone who’s been a huge cheerleader for the search space for years now, it feels a bit more like a confession. A few cases in point: The rumor mill says eBay acquires StumbleUpon. Read Pete Cashmore’s 8 Reasons Why […]

More on the Year That Wasn’t

The column this week reviewing search trends for the year could have gone on endlessly, and I had to keep cutting to get it down to a remotely readable length of under 1,000 words. Included below are some sections that were snipped from the final version. I’ve added a few headers and organized them in […]

2006: A Year about Nothing?

I just wrote my next column, which looks at the top searched terms of 2006, and the news terms grabbed me; it felt like nothing happened. I’ll post the full column Tuesday when it’s released, but in the meantime, I’ll share some excerpts, since I wrote over 2,000 words for what’s supposed to be a […]

Now Joining the Blogosphere: Ahmadinejad

These seems too bizarre to be true, and yet… Iran’s president, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, appears to be blogging: يادداشت هاي شخصي احمدي نژاد (check the mini distorted version of the US flag on the upper right for Engilsh). Thanks Google Blogoscoped for the link. For more on Ahmadinejad’s outreach to Western media, you can catch several […]

USPS Saved by the Internet

I love  stories where the killer turns out to be the cure. E-mail once made some question the viability of the US Postal Service, but package delivery, at least somewhat credited to e-commerce, is help making up for the shortfall. Great story: Postal Service Finds a Friend in the Internet – New York Times. This […]