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Coming Soon: The $100 Hot Dog

Okay, the $100 dog’s not here yet, but the salmon dog is, and the $25 dog, according to a USA Today article (thanks for the link, Dr. Adelglass). Give it time – someone will make a $100 hot dog as a great PR stunt, like the $1,000 omelette. A few will eat it, but many more will flock to whoever serves it just to say to their friends, “You know this places sells hot dogs for $100?” (At least Norma’s, which sells the $1,000 omelette, backs up the rest of the menu by serving the best breakfast anywhere in Manhattan – you get what you pay for there).
An aside: the article also mentions Mandler’s, which was featured in a Search Insider article in March. 360i moved a bit further from Mandler’s, but I still try to make it back every so often. Ronnie & Gil, keep the grill hot for me.

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