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Conference Altruism Revisited

I’m sitting here at the LAX Chili’s following OMMA Hollywood, and it’s a great time to follow up on a post I presented earlier about conference altruism.

At the table next to me is Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Veoh, one of the more prominent video sites. I’m waiting for a red-eye, while his flight’s delayed. He wasn’t at the show, but we did manage to connect here, largely thanks to the 3-in-1 outlet converter I had in my bag, the kind you can get from Radio Shack for under $5. One of the two outlets at Chili’s was dead, and he was plugged into it, so I popped in the converter and we’ve been camped out here the past couple hours, ultimately striking up a chat.

It’s not like I now have a new golfing buddy out of this (which is good, since I don’t golf), but I do like how some pretty simple technology can sometimes trump the likes of MySpace and LinkedIn for bringing people together.

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